About Us

Audacious is dedicated to creating high quality opportunities for the public to engage with light as a creative and interactive medium that fuses arts, technology and innovation in interesting and unusual spaces. Our work is instantly accessible, making it an ideal medium to facilitate first time engagement with the arts and break down barriers – we want to excite and inspire people who aren’t experiencing the arts.

Consolidating experience over 25 years of designing and delivering high-profile events and artistic content globally, our collaborators include multidisciplinary artists, lighting designers, sound designers, academics and creative technologists. We have grown out of taking a collaborative approach, working with a wide range of talented individuals and organisations across the public, private and charity sectors. Our valued partners include four universities, local authorities, schools and colleges, local trade bodies, community groups, artist collectives, and developers.

In 2018 we launched Light Up Poole, a three-night festival of digital light illuminating Poole’s historic town centre and waterfront, complemented by participatory events and STEM-led learning activities including in local schools and colleges. In 2019 we grew our audience reach from 20,000 to over 40,000 and attracted 54,000 in 2020 just weeks before lockdown.

Audacious is all about creating ambitious, immersive, technology-led, multisensory experiences that are free and accessible. The amazing thing about light art is that it’s immediately engaging to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds – it can instantly demystify the arts, start a discussion, take people in many directions – and enhance STEM learning in a creative way.

Our Vision

  • Produce ambitious, high quality artistic work that explores and fuses arts, technology and innovation at the cutting edge
  • Welcome diverse and first-time audiences to experience the arts through an instantly accessible, dynamic, immersive and high-impact art form that appeals to all
  • Encourage learning in communities and in education settings through a growing Creative Learning programme
  • Nurture artists and makers, take risks, and feed the international pipeline of ambitious new light art work

Our Values

  • Quality: we create high quality installations, events and experiences delivered in an extremely professional manner
  • Collaboration: a growing number of partnerships enable us to work at every stage of the creative process, involve students and academics through to established international artists, and benefit from the R&D, skills and experience of private sector companies
  • Free and inclusive: we want to excite and inspire people who don’t normally engage with the arts. Light art is instantly accessible and transcends practical and cultural barriers, race, mobility and age. It also builds civic pride, and creates great talking points and a real buzz leading to deeper engagement with artists’ creative processes and sources of inspiration
  • Learning: we’re part of the future and believe in building communities that are powered by creativity and innovation – combining science, technology, engineering and the arts, and encouraging alternative ways of thinking and learning
  • Pioneering: we want to ensure our artists, technologists and producers can create within a nurturing environment where they can access R&D time, space and resources to challenge, interrogate, and overcome barriers to progress and unleash the combined creative potential of culture and technology to drive audience engagement and the capabilities of our organisation.
  • Dynamism: we live in a changing environment with technology transforming our world at a rapid pace and as we shape our future we will become more entrepreneurial to maximise income, reduce costs, become more financially resilient and environmentally sustainable.