Mayflower 400

Southampton is a strategic partner in the national Mayflower 400 commemoration and Audacious has been commissioned by Southampton City Council to create two light art experiences that ensure the anniversary is observed in a way that is informative, appropriate and inclusive, placing the story of the Mayflower ship within the wider story of Southampton’s role as the ‘Gateway to the World’.

Using Mayflower 400 themes we are developing a large-scale light art engagement project at Weston Shore’s five identical tower blocks with artist Andy McKeown of Wild Strawberry, and a laser poetry light art project with Dutch artist Gijs van Bon in the City Centre’s Guildhall Square.

Towers of Light

Designed to celebrate Weston Shore and its community, Towers of Light is an exciting opportunity for the residents to create a light art spectacle like never before, turning the five towers into an illuminated community story for all the world to see. We are currently working with the residents, listening to their stories, sharing their messages, and enjoying getting to know them.

Towers of Light will shine bright from Thursday 26 to Saturday 28 November 2020, 6pm to 9pm.

KRYT by Gijs van Bon

The light writer Kryt, created by artist Gijs van Bon, writes poems on a wall while the audience listens to them being read.

The text of the poems created by young people of Southampton will be written word by word on a projection screen with a clear blue laser before fading away, leaving space for new words. 

The process draws viewers into a story, a poem, or a poetic text as light, sound and text gradually merge allowing them to enter the mind of the writer and start thinking alongside them.

Kryt mixes technology with the beauty of poetry and sound to create a uniquely enthralling performance.

To learn more about artist Gijs van Bon visit /