Film Poetry Competition


We have commissioned artist Gijs van Bon to create KRYT, a light writer that writes poems on a wall while the audience listens to them being read. The text of the poems created by young people of Southampton will be written word by word on a projection screen with a clear blue laser before fading away, leaving space for new words. 

We are keen to show audiences that poetry can be presented in many creative ways and not just in a book or through spoken word. To support the work Gijs van Bon is developing we have created a film poetry competition with all the resources you need to participate.



Submissions are now open for our Film Poetry Competition as part of Mayflower 400 Southampton. 

We are interested in celebrating Southampton as a city and a community built on journeys and migration. Focussing on the themes of identity, journeys and migration and our relationships with the sea, we are looking for film poetry submissions from poets and filmmakers of up to a maximum of 2.5 minutes that reflect some of the key themes of Mayflower 400.

For the purpose of this submission request, a poetry film is defined as a fusion of spoken/written word with visual images where the combination of media provide a richer experience than either spoken/written word or visual images could do on their own. 

In this instance, a poetry film is not simply a video recording of a poet reading a poem. The poetry film can also include music.

You do not need to be a professional filmmaker or poet to enter and we are also keen for complete beginners aged 14 years and over to enter.

In order to help as many people as possible participate we have created a brand new digital resource package filled with top tips on how to edit and create your films. Even if you have no experience in creating a film poem our five step-by-step videos will show you how. 

Click here to access our resources.

Links to your film poem must be received by 10am, Monday 19 October 2020 along with a link to a high definition file that we require to upload all shortlisted films. 

See our guidelines for more information.


A selection of up to 10 shortlisted films will be shown on the Audacious and Mayflower 400 digital gallery website from Monday 02 November 2020. The top three films will be announced on Monday 23 November 2020.

The winning film will receive a £50 cinema voucher for Showcase Cinema de Lux Southampton, second and third place will each receive £25 cinema vouchers for the Showcase Cinema de Lux Southampton (to be shared between poet and film-maker in the case of collaborations).


Donald Hutera is, among other things, a veteran arts journalist and freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Times, Time Out, and many other publications and websites world-wide. His most recent work as a performer is in the short dance-theatre film ‘Drowntown Lockdown’ which can be viewed on the Rhiannon Faith Company website:


Entry is free to anyone aged 14 years over and must be made via email to 

Please include the following in an attached word document;

  • Title and duration of Film
  • Name of Director
  • Country of Origin
  • Contact details
  • Name of poet
  • Name of poem
  • Synopsis
  • Filmmaker biography
  • and a Link to download a high-resolution version of the film.

Links to your film poem must be received by 10am, Monday 19 October 2020 along with a link to a high definition file that we require to upload all shortlisted films.

You may submit as many entries as you like.  Non-English language films will require English subtitles.

Films must interpret, be based on, or convey the Mayflower 400 Southampton themes:

Identity of Southampton

Relationships with the sea 
Journeys & migrations
To celebrate people of the world

Southampton as a gateway to the world