Confessions is a safe space in which secrets can be shared in complete anonymity, a place to free guilt, cleanse the soul and unburden the mind – what would you confess?

Emergency Response Funding from Arts Council England has enabled us to continue delivering digital experiences for our audiences.  We wanted to challenge ourselves and create a unique 360°, online, digital cultural engagement experience that allows audiences to engage with us, but in a different way to a live event. There are no consequences for a confession, no judgement, no feedback, and no chance of being identified.

Confessions has been designed and created by artist Ashley Wilkie who specialises in digital light installations, frequently outdoors.

“Confessions aims to modernise a traditional approach to mental health through a digital process of anonymous confession, using contemporary interactive media to support and guide visitors through the experience,” he says.

“We wanted to create an experience that has nothing to do with the imagery or expectation of religious confession and everything to do with addressing people’s mental health struggles.”

The project was inspired by Hope: What Do You Have Faith In?, a firelight installation by artist duo And Now: at Light Up Poole in February 2020. As part of the piece hundreds of visitors wrote their hopes on luggage labels and tied them to the altar rail inside St James’s Church.

“There is extraordinarily strong evidence that writing about upsetting experiences or dark secrets can benefit our mental and physical well-being,” adds Libby Battaglia, Creative Director. “Expressive writing encourages us to explore our deepest thoughts and feelings, but for such emotional purges to work, we must be completely honest with ourselves.”

Ashley Wilkie is a motion designer, projection and light artist, working on physical and screen-based content with imagery and light. As regular commissioners of Ashley’s work we wanted to see if we could develop his skillset further to create something engaging online. What we have created so far is just the beginning of a new direction for us with a whole new world of possibilities. It is also such a wonderful way to learn more about our fellow human beings and realise that none of us are alone. 

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