Our Values

  • Quality: we create high quality installations, events and experiences delivered in an extremely professional manner
  • Collaboration: a growing number of partnerships enable us to work at every stage of the creative process, involve students and academics through to established international artists, and benefit from the R&D, skills and experience of private sector companies
  • Free and inclusive: we want to excite and inspire people who don’t normally engage with the arts. Light art is instantly accessible and transcends practical and cultural barriers, race, mobility and age. It also builds civic pride, and creates great talking points and a real buzz leading to deeper engagement with artists’ creative processes and sources of inspiration
  • Learning: we’re part of the future and believe in building communities that are powered by creativity and innovation – combining science, technology, engineering and the arts, and encouraging alternative ways of thinking and learning
  • Pioneering: we want to ensure our artists, technologists and producers can create within a nurturing environment where they can access R&D time, space and resources to challenge, interrogate and overcome barriers to progress and unleash the combined creative potential of culture and technology to drive audience engagement and the capabilities of our organisation.